eMedNotes, Automated Physician Progress Notes
Automated Physician Progress Notes
The easiest to use and most powerful automated physician progress note system available!

Reduce the time spent on Progress Notes In pilot programs we saw reductions in the amount of time for a comprehensive physchiatric progress note from almost two hours to less than 15 minutes!
Welcome to eMedNotes - the fast and easy electronic progress note application for automated medical Progress and SOAP note creation and maintenance.

eMedNotes - the automated Physician Progress Note program written for Physicians from a Physician’s point of view.  eMedNotes dramatically reduces the time required to produce comprehensive, top quality Progress Notes, SOAP Notes and other documentation (often to just minutes). 

Spend "less time treating the chart and more time treating the patient".

eMedNotes presents the "Organic" Medical Record

What is an Organic Medical Record? Simply put, the eMedNotes system allows you to start with a base progress note or medical record of your own design and enhance and modify it as you use the system.

The system evolves to meet your exact needs when you want it to.

No more changing your documentation style to adapt to an inflexible and complex system. You easily customize and expand the system to meet your needs on an immediate basis.

Advantages of eMedNotes

  1. Powerful and easy to learn - reduces training and support costs
  2. Low cost of implementation - Inexpensive setup and a low monthly subscription fee
  3. Utilizes "Software as a Service" (SaaS) model allowing your organization to take full advantage of the benefits offered by Cloud Computing
  4. Can easily be run on your own internal network
  5. Upgrades and new functionality are provided for FREE
  6. You can start small and grow it into an EMR system customized to meet YOUR EXACT NEEDS
  7. NO Long Term Contract - Sign up on a montly basis
  8. Consistent and Uniform Data Entry and Accuracy
  9. Ease of Compilation and Reporting
  10. Uniform Treatment Information from User to User
  11. Ability to share information available across different forms eliminating errors and time wasted due to duplicate entry
  12. Outputs to Word, HTML, PDF or other formats or even other EMR Systems
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Brad R. Hale - eMedNotes