eMedNotes, Automated Physician Progress Notes 
Welcome to eMedNotes, an automated Physician Progress Note program written for Physicians from a Physician’s point of view.

In today’s healthcare environment, handwritten physician progress notes are a liability and are aggressively being phased out. This is driven by the need to comply with various oversight or governmental agencies as well as Insurance Carriers demanding much more detail in the progress notes in order to meet criteria for documentation. This type of environment requires a typewritten, detailed and complete progress note.

However, typing data into a word processor application is tedious at best. Physicians have excellent professional skills but some have limited computer skills. This leads to many man-hours and resources expended on creating and maintaining Physician’s Progress Notes, problems with inconsistent or incomplete notes or even notes not being done. The time involved in creating and maintaining progress notes reduces the time your Physicians have to spend with patients.

Additionally, data harvesting and “number crunching” for administrative purposes is a laborious task with many subsequent hours and resources spent on extracting data for reporting requirements either for internal review or for outside oversight agencies such as the DOJ.

These are exactly the issues that led to the creation of the eMedNotes system. Please take a few minutes to look into what eMedNotes can do for your organization. The eMedNotes system is the most powerful and yet easiest to use system available. There are substantial benefits to be gained and with no setup costs and minimal training. The average person can be trained to use it in a manner of minutes greatly increasing acceptance and simultaneously generating an immediate return on investment.

• The context sensitive Menu and Tab system presents only the information pertinent to that area of the note, greatly reducing the time and frustration for users trying to navigate though the system and enter data.
• There is no steep learning curve or prolonged implementation needed. It is designed for a person, with limited computer skills, to “dive right in.” This saves time and money for your organization.

• The software is specifically designed to provide easy and rapid customization of the database to tailor the product to YOUR specific needs (at NO added cost).
• Underlying the user interface is a powerful, SQL Server database, which allows the user to quickly, and comfortably begin to use the product and generate a detailed, professional grade physician’s progress note.

• The program can, as an option, be used to harvest or cull data from the database of physician progress notes. In this manner, tabulation or chart representation of any data present in the database (such as use of specific medications) can be performed effortlessly. If you have to supply data to an organization, such as the DOJ, you can save a tremendous amount of man-hours (and frustration), while providing an output, which is free of “inter-rater reliability” problems.
• Updates or customization is performed on a continuous basis. There is no “Version 2” that you have to “wait for and pay for.” Since this is done continuously, there is not the traditional months long wait (and charges) for changes. This is the kind of service and attention to detail that we are committed to deliver. Simply put, eMedNotes Automated Physician’s Progress Notes provides an ease of use and level of detail not found in other products, at any price. The service is billed monthly per user with minimal setup (and NO setup fees) and is generally $89 per month OR LESS depending on what configuration you want. You can sign up all of your physicians at once or allow them to sign up individually. To find out more or to set up a training and orientation demo please contact us toll free at 866-448-7888. Start saving time and money today. 

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